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Published on : 2016-08-21 13:15:46

Facebook launches Teen social network app called Lifestage

Facebook launches Teen social network app called Lifestage

Facebook has released a new app for iOS called Lifestage, but it’s just for teens.

Its a kind of video diary where you answer biographical questions about yourself and share a visual profile of who you are with your school network.

Lifestage asks you to shoot video of yourself with sad or happy faces, and even dance. It then compiles those snippets into longer-form video, which is used as your main profile video.

Lifestage only works for those who are 21 and younger and allows you to discover video profiles created by others in your school to learn more about them, Facebook said in a blog post on Saturday.

Users can add a ‘Reach Me’ note to their accounts, directing others to their social network or app of choice for direct messages.

Every time someone updates their page, it shows up in a feed prompting others to check it out.

Once your school is unlocked, you can access the profiles of others in your school community and discover others who are into the same stuff as you are, and connect with them.

In case you are 22 or older, you will see your own profile and will not be able to communicate with any other users, however it is still not clear how the app will restrict users.

Although, the app allows you to select your school, but you won’t be able to see other users unless a mimimum of 20 people from the same school start using it.

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