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Published on : 2015-06-28 23:46:57

Selena Gomez Shares Photo While Eating Flaming Hot Cheetos

Selena Gomez Shares Photo While Eating Flaming Hot Cheetos

Selena Gomez  has been the center of some fat-shaming comments this summer when bikini pictures of her published.

The 22-year-old pop singer shared a photo where she held up a Flaming Hot Cheeto as she wrote in the caption, 'Routine.' The beautiful gomez was in full makeup and had on a white robe that said Pantene on the front.

These chips are high in calories they are 170 calories for 100 grams. But the Come And Get It singer didn't seem to care. She was not seen actually consuming the Cheeto, anyway.

The Texas native has scoffed at claims that she has been eating too much, telling fans she loves the way she looks, reminding everyone she is healthy and even saying there is 'more of me to love.'

Gomez latest video 'Good For You' is out and the 22-year-old singer and actress appears solo on camera, and manages to make every single shot look sexy.

It features guest vocals from American rapper ASAP Rocky; Gomez's first collaboration with a rapper. Rocky co-wrote the track with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. The song was produced by Sir Nolan and Nick Monson, and co-produced by Rocky and Hector Delgado. "Good for You" was released as a digital download on June 22, 2015, serving as the album's lead single and Gomez's first single with Interscope Records. It is a mid-tempo, pop slow jam which contains elements of electro and R&B.

Selena Gomez is shown lying around in various positions, seemingly waiting for that special someone to whom she can coo, "Make you never wanna leave/So don't… so don't." The video later moves to a shower scene, then to a warehouse where Gomez is towering over the camera, and then to a few other sequences in which the singer can writhe around and exhibit her inner longing. One can understand why the "Good For You" video, directed by Sophie Muller, does not work conceptually with an A$AP Rocky appearance, and why Gomez had to take this heat-filled clip on herself.


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